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Todd Valentine

brand-new Infield footage released!

RSD’s Most Versatile And Universally Effective Style Of Game Broken Down In Room-Rocking HD

Learn how to pick up girls --- anywhere,
anytime, and in any social context --- without doing
anything out of the ordinary, saying weirdo socially tactless
shit, or coming off “pickup-y”

It’s All Here In This Highly Exclusive 1-Day LIVE
event --- With 10+ Hours Of New HD Infield
Footage Designed To Get You GOOD fast!

From Todd Valentine 14-Year-Veteran Of The Game

When it comes to learning game, seeing is believing. You can spend YEARS reading, studying, and slaving away on your own, but your progress would be NOTHING compared to what it would be if you just SAW IT DONE. Right in front of you. In crystal clear HD. Because when you see good game --- You believe it.

You internalize everything. ON THE SPOT.

So if you want to cut through all the bullshit and see exactly what it takes to pick up up girls like second nature, then you’ll want to pay attention here, because this might be the most important page you’ll ever read.

Now before I get into the details . . .

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To Me When It
Comes To Getting Girls

My name is Todd Valentine.

I’m an internationally known dating coach and pickup artist.

I’ve been actively involved in the “pickup” community since 2001, basically at the very start of formalized game.

I started off pretty much at rock bottom. Extremely introverted, shy, inexperienced, and scared shitless when it came to talking to girls. Perhaps you can relate.

But unlike today, besides for some vague articles on obscure internet forums, there were virtually ZERO resources for “learning game”.

So when I first started, I literally had to CRASH and BURN for years before I started making some noticeable improvement.

But even so, the progress was SLOW and tedious.

Finally, around 3 years into the game, I decided to take a Bootcamp (a new thing at that time) and that experience SHOCKED me into a new reality and opened my eyes to what was really possible if I mastered this skill.


I decided right then, that I was going to dedicate my life to learning this craft.

In fact, I actually dropped out of college and moved halfway across the country to live in the backyard of the famous Project Hollywood (the pickup mansion featured in the book The Game) --- all to learn from the masters there.

Yea, I know, pretty fucking extreme.

But my boldness and effort eventually paid off.

I became so good I was invited to be an executive instructor at RSD --- the premier dating coaching company in the world.

And I've been doing this now as my full-time career, traveling the world teaching literally THOUSANDS of students how to pick up women and the results I get my students speak for themselves:


So Want To Know The Secret To Learning Game Overnight?

A few years back, I managed to get one of my pickups down on video to teach a student how to open group sets.

And when I showed him, I immediately saw his lights turn on. Like something clicked.

When we went out later, what he did shocked me.

He was literally able to duplicate what I did in the video perfectly --- as if by second nature.

After struggling to open for the entire program (several days), he was able to do it flawlessly after only seeing it on video --- JUST A FEW TIMES.

It was incredible. I swore it had to be a fluke.

So I started filming and showing videos to my other students --- and like clockwork they also improved their skills almost instantly after watching these videos.

I knew then that I was on to something BIG.

I then spent the last 2 years filming and compiling a massive collection of infield video of me performing live pickups in every possible scenario.

  • Openers compilations showing my most high octane, off the wall, and effective ways of comfortably starting conversations with beautiful women in every situation.
  • Rejections compilations and botched pickup attempts that reveal embarrassing mistakes nearly everyone makes which you want to avoid (these are hilarious…).
  • Hundreds of advanced secrets that have taken me years to figure out, for building and maintaining the type of “sex-worthy guy” attraction that most guys never understand.
  • …and videos that reveal subtleties of how to handle practically every type of social situation you can possibly imagine.

There’s footage of me successfully picking up models and total stunners, as well as “girls next door” who are more down to earth.

Interactions with girls who are more “relationship quality” and worth connecting with, as well as crazy off the wall party girls who respond to wild stimulation and emotional roller coasters.

Most importantly, you’ll see both “highlight clips” to get hyper-focused on specific concepts, as well as entire interactions from “open to close”—to the point where you’ll be shocked and astounded that anything like this has ever been recorded.

The shots are “right up in the action” with high definition video and audio --- literally full 1080p so you can experience everything as if you were really there.

All this footage is the BASIS for the highly
interactive LIVE EVENT that I’m bringing to a
city near you ---- The TODD Hotseat.

The Ultimate “Infield Footage” Event Designed To Teach You Everything You Need To Become THE Guy Girls Want To Fuck

A Completely Immersive Learning Experience With 10+ Hours Of Hidden Infield Video Demonstrations, Live Instructor Commentary/Q&A, And Hard-hitting Interactive Exercises

So let’s get down to business. What is Hotseat?

Hotseat is a LIVE seminar where I come to a city near you and crack open my private compilation of hidden camera infield footage and personally break down everything you need to know to meet, attract, and fuck beautiful women.

There is no fluff here. No useless theory. Just rock solid video demonstration and breakdown.

Over 10+ hours of pickup laid bare for you to see, learn from, and replicate immediately when you leave the seminar room.

Here’s what you can expect:

Download Instant Improvement To Your Game As You Watch Through One Shocking “Hidden Camera” Infield Video After Another

I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of high quality infield footage of me performing pickups in every imaginable situation, circumstance, and environment:

  • Daygame
  • Night Game
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Lounges
  • Parks
  • Bookstores
  • On The Street
  • In Restaurants
  • On Dates
  • In all kinds of sets (girl on her own, 2 sets, 3 sets, big groups, mixed sets, moving sets, girls with boyfriends)

Then I systematically filtered out THE BEST and most instructive videos from the collection and compiled them into an A-Z logically structured curriculum that will get you RESULTS the SAME NIGHT.

Now these aren’t the bootleg, backyard videos you see YouTube. I had a professional camera crew with MULTIPLE fully equipped, HD cameras and audio equipment to follow me around to get the SICKEST shots possible.

You’ll get to see all the action go down as if you were there in the venues with me.

  • You’ll blatantly see that being successful with women from random cold approach is easy and absolutely possible for ANYONE
  • You’ll pick up on the FUN SEXUAL VIBE that guys who are successful with women have learned to carry with them
  • You’ll know exactly what to say and do when you see a girl you like (whether that be at a coffee shop, at the bar, in the club, or even on the street). You won’t ever need to kick yourself for not approaching again because you’ll have a “play” for every situation
  • You’ll discover hard-to-see social dynamics of attraction, sexual tension, and push-pull over and over on “instant replay” to gain a high-level awareness of it in your own interactions

Learn To Talk To + Pull Hot Bitches And BURN THOSE BELIEFS IN YOUR BRAIN LIVE With The Newest And Most Detailed Technology In Game

My goal with the Todd Hotseat is to INTERACT with you, to communicate with you on a level where your brain can easily and immediately grasp and internalize what you learn.

Most importantly, I want you to experience the staggering advantages of learning from an experienced instructor in person (if you’ve never experienced this before, there are many benefits you’ve been missing…).

From years of teaching live infield programs, I’ve spent literally thousands of hours not only DOING live pickup, but WATCHING it.

This has allowed me to see things in social interactions that nobody else without a similar level of experience could be in a position to see.

And I want to expose you to HOW AN EXPERIENCED GUY THINKS about success with girls.

It is one thing to just watch an inspiring video of a guy pulling a girl from random cold approach.

However, it’s an entirely different experience to have it custom broken down for you IN PERSON by someone who has been living this lifestyle for many years, and can uncover elements of not just “WHAT happened and WHY it happened”, but HOW you can immediately replicate the skills in your own game.

DO NOT Take Years To Learn All This On Your Own.

I Created INSANELY EFFECTIVE Exercises (Done Live In The Room) To Get You Leaving Hotseat Ready For That Night

In addition to a personalized breakdown of the footage, I’m also going to take you through a series of interactive exercises and drills designed to hammer several key skills into your subconscious.

You’ll Learn Skills Like:

  • How to never run out of things to say (aka Developing the Golden Mouthpiece). I’ve created a series of exercises modeled after renowned improv and comedy masters, that will give you the ability to spit out endless flows of interesting, funny things to say like second nature.
  • How to maintain an ICY gangster like cool under social pressure. You’ll love this interactive drill that enables you to keep calm and stay in the flow even under the insane social pressure you encounter during pickup.
  • How to get “in state” at will. I’ll provide you with my personal go-to techniques for snapping into the infamous “God-mode” on command.
  • And Much, Much More.

Now let me warn you. These exercises are very intense, will get you emotional and riled up, and challenge you in ways that you’ve never experienced in your life.

But in the end, you will walk away with a newfound confidence and ability to handle any type of social environment, regardless of what’s thrown at you.

Get A Comprehensive A-Z Breakdown Of Every Aspect Of Game, Illustrated With LIVE Infield Footage Of Exactly What To Do Each Step Of The Way

So now that you know the format of the program, you probably want to know exactly what you’ll be learning . . .

I’ve created a brand-new curriculum with some of my BEST and NEWEST material that’s going to take you through every single nook and cranny in pickup and female interaction.

And remember. Because this event is focused on video demonstration, every concept will be drilled home on a subconscious level when you see it played out on video right then and there.

The result: You won’t just get a surface-level (theoretical) understanding of what you learn --- you’ll actually have an entire VISUAL reference library in your mind to pull from when the specific situation calls for it.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to pick up a girl in any situation, venue, or context without her realizing what’s happening until she’s helplessly attracted. (It’s taken me years to cultivate this versatile “Under the Radar” game, but you’ll be able to pick it up in just one weekend.)
  • Discover how to generate attraction while acting like a regular sociable dude (contrary to what others may teach, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to get girls, and you’ll see exactly how I do it on video)
  • 3 Simple “Body Tweaks” That Will Instantly Make You Seem More Alpha And Dominant
  • Pick up this one “little tweak” that allows you to create a sexual “man to woman” vibe into every female interaction you have. You'll never again find yourself in the dreaded friend zone once you know how to do this
  • Learn How To Pull Stunners even when you’re OUT OF STATE
  • Pick Up DOZENS of ways to approach the girl so you’re never caught off guard again (you’ll get to see me do each approach on screen and you’ll walk away with a clear mental reference of how to duplicate it yourself)
  • How to know minutes into meeting a girl if she’s going to put you in the friend zone, and how to reverse the process before its too late
  • Learn my 3 go-to lines for dealing with AMOGs and douchebags who try to steal your girl (keep these in your arsenal if you want to render these cockblocks useless)

Get To The Next Level Of Your Game Regardless Of Your Current Skill Level

All right, so what I hope you’ve realized at this point is that this is an experience that’s completely unique.

The “Todd Hotseat” is designed to get you INSANELY GOOD with women in the LEAST of time possible.

I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years and this is by far the most effective seminar program I’ve ever created.

It’s designed to SHOCK you out of your current reality and pry open your eyes to what is possible when you MASTER this area of your life for good.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at right now. Or where you’re from. Or what your background is.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried learning this before and haven’t seen any real results yet.

This program will take your game to the next level and more… guaranteed.

I’ve Made This Hotseat As Affordable As Possible

Let’s get down to your investment for this event.

If you were to look for any other LIVE event like this --- which combines video demonstration, live coaching, 1-1 critiques, interactivity, Q&A, and this level of cutting-edge dating technology, you’d easily spend $10,000 or more. Period.

In reality, this program is actually one of its kind (read: priceless), since there is nobody else in the dating world doing “infield footage” events like it at this scale.

That’s because of the level of investment needed to produce all of this is insane.

13 years to learn the game.... Uncountable amount of Dollars worth of time filming and Editing..... $10,000+ in flights + Lodging to learn this all over the world.... $100,000+ in Post Production costs

So on and so on...

Total value in just production costs is easily $200,000

(Not many people in this industry have the type of resources to pull off such a large-scale production.)

Now are we going to charge $200,000 per ticket? Of course not.

You won’t pay $10,000, though that is what other companies would charge.

You won’t even pay half of that. Or a third.

For the entire weekend event, you only pay $1000, $500, $300. Not a cent more.

That’s right, for the cost of just a few weekends out with your friends or a trip to the mall you get access to a full-day live event that will skyrocket your results with women forever!

You’ll spend $300 on a new iPad or a new phone. You’ll spend $300 on bottle service in the club. You’ll spend $300 paying parking tickets and groceries!

But will you invest $300 in yourself?

On learning a lifelong skillset that will make you definitively more confident, more attractive, and more happy?.

Would $300 be worth the ability to do what 99% of other guys CAN’T do?. An ability that once you have it, nobody can take it away from you?

Would $300 be worth it to get with models and stunners usually reserved for celebrities?

Would $300 be worth it to have this area of your life handled for good?

If the answer is yes, then Sign Up For A Spot Today and feel the sense of relief knowing that you just took a huge step toward living the life you deserve.

You owe it to yourself.

You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses

1 Hour Of Vegas Immersion Student
Video Breakdowns

Get at home access to an additional 1 hour of infield footage of my VI students in action complete with my critiques. Watch these as many times as you want right on your computer.

Free 1 Year Annual Membership To
RSD InnerCircle

Get 1 year access to this exclusive mastermind coaching program on me ---
a perfect complement to the Hotseat program that will provide you with the ongoing coaching and accountability to continue to improve after the weekend.

  • Personalized Monthly Feedback From RSD Instructors
  • Personal Q&A time with an RSD instructor Every Month
  • Countless Hours of Premium Bonus Content
  • Global and Local Mastermind Community

Todd Hotseat Annual Pass

Attend as many Todd Hotseats for free as you'd like in the 12 months after the event. Once you purchase and attend your first Todd Hotseat, you can attend as many Todd Hotseats as you'd like with your annual pass in the following 12 months.

3-Part Private Webinar Series
(With Q&A)

I'll be covering my newest strategies on Open+Hooking,
Connection, and Closing

Hotseat Notes

Detailed reference library of all the best lines, concepts, and
techniques from the Hotseat

Seating Is Limited For Each City

In order to ensure the highest quality program for every attendee, we’re limiting the amount of students for this Hotseat.

It’ll be different for each city, but each seminar room will only hold a certain number of people so once it’s maxed out, you won’t be able to get in.

Now this may not be an issue in certain smaller cities, but if you’re in a big city like New York, Boston, San Fran, Miami, or LA, then you’ll want to book your tickets well in advance.

Remember: This is the first time I’ve ever shown this infield footage to the public so I fully expect the rooms to fill up fast. Don’t wait on this. Reserve a spot before it’s too late.

This is also the first world scale tour that I’ve done in a long time, and I’m not yet sure how many of these I’m going to do.

I’ll only be stopping by your city once or twice a year, so there honestly won’t be many opportunities to catch this event.

If you’re on the fence about securing a seat, I urge you to take action today.

So Let’s Recap:

1-Day Live Event

(10+ Hours Of New Infield Footage Expert Instructor
Breakdown Interactive Exercises + Drills)

1 Hour Of Vegas Immersion Student Video Breakdowns
(Value: $197)

Free 1 Year Access To RSD InnerCircle (Value: $60)

Todd Hotseat Annual Pass (Value: $300)

3-Part Private Webinar Series (Value: $197)

Hotseat Notes (Value: $27)

Total Value: $10,781

You Pay: $300

ps. Remember, seating will be limited to the room capacity in each city. Rooms will be booked to accommodate as many students as we can without sacrificing the quality of the experience. If the room maxes out, we’ll fill up the room based off who ordered first. So don’t wait on this. Sign Up Risk Free Today To Secure a spot.

pps. This may actually be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is the first time I’ve done this large scale a tour in a while and I’m still not sure when I’ll do it again. I only come to each city once or twice a year so don’t miss out on this for good. Sign Up For a Spot Today!